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Gary McClelland

Gary McClelland

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Professor McClelland has research interests in judgment and decision making, psychological models of economic behavior, experimental economics, statistics and data analysis, measurement and scaling, mathematical psychology, and graphical data displays on the web and on paper.

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Internet and Virtual Psychology
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Research Methods, Assessment


Journal Articles:

  • Fasolo, B., McClelland, G. H., & Todd, P. (2007). Escaping the tyranny of choice: When fewer attributes make choice easier. Marketing Theory, 7, 13-26.
  • Irwin, J. M., & McClelland, G. H. (2003). Negative consequences of dichotomizing continuous predictor variables. Journal of Marketing Research, 40, 366, 371.
  • Irwin, J. R., Slovic, P., Lichtenstein, S., & McClelland, G. H. (1993). Preference reversals and the measurement of environmental values. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 6, 5-18.
  • Judd, C. M., McClelland, G. H., & Culhane, S. E. (1995). Data analysis: Continuing issues in the everyday analysis of psychological data. Annual Review of Psychology, 46, 433-465.
  • Judd, C. M., McClelland, G. H., & Smith, E. R. (1996). Testing treatment by covariate interactions when treatment varies within subjects. Psychological Methods, 1, 366-378.
  • McClelland, G. H. (1997). Optimal design in psychological research. Psychological Methods, 2, 3-19.
  • McClelland, G. H., & Judd, C. M. (1993). Statistical difficulties of detecting interactions and moderator effects. Psychological Bulletin, 114(2), 376-390.
  • McClelland, G. H., Schulze, W. D., & Coursey, D. L. (1993). Insurance for low-probability hazards: A bimodal response to unlikely events. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 7(1), 95-116.
  • Oskarsson, A., Van Boven, L., McClelland, G.H., & Hastie, R. (2009). What's next? Judging binary sequences. Psychological Bulletin, 135, 262-285.
  • Whisman, M. A., & McClelland, G. H. (2005). Designing, testing, and interpreting interaction and moderator effects in family research. Journal of Family Psychology, 19, 111-120.

Other Publications:

  • Judd, C. M., & McClelland, G. H. (1998). Measurement. In D. Gilbert, S. Fiske, & G. Lindzey (Eds.), The handbook of social psychology (4th ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • McClelland, G. H. (2005). Teaching statistics to beginning researchers in psychology. In J. Garfield (Ed.), Innovations in teaching statistics. Mathematical Association of America.
  • McClelland, G.H. (2000). Nasty data: Unruly, ill-mannered observations can ruin your analysis. In H. Reis & C. M. Judd (Eds.), Handbook of Research Methods in Social Psychology.

Courses Taught:

Gary McClelland
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0345
United States

  • Phone: (303) 492-8617
  • Fax: (303) 492-5580

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